Pampering for Teens & Up!


Are you looking for a way to celebrate, relax, unwind or
party with a group of friends and have fun?
Do you have a baby shower, hen's night, birthday or teen party coming up?
Why not book a Bayside Beauty and Wellness “Pamper Party”?
At a Bayside Beauty and Wellness Pamper Party,
we are focussed on providing quality service and a fun atmosphere,
where you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself!
We come to you complete with qualified and experienced therapists, safe and
natural products, relaxing music and a pamper gift for each guest!
We will create happy memories for you and your friends,
and a feeling of wellness that will last for days!
Our packages offer pampering for as little as $35 per person*
You and your guests get to choose from:
**Mini pedicures **Mini massages **Mini manicures
* Treatment time may vary depending on number of guests. Towels extra $5 per person or you can provide your own. 
   Travel time is an extra charge.
Pampering for 5-12 year olds!
Little ladies love to be pampered as well, so we have just the party for them!
Our children's packages start at only $25 per person** ranging from 2-3 hours.
Includes: nail polish on fingers & toes, make-up and hair colour/chalk,
as well as a pamper gift for each guest. 
** Based on a maximum of 12 guests for 2 hours and maximum of 18 guests for 3 hours . Travel time is an extra charge.
For more information or to book a Pamper Party
Call Jodie on 0449 654 858