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FDM Sodium Hyaluronate Serum

Skin becomes supple, firm, elastic and noticeably deeply hydrated.
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FDM Sodium Hyaluronate Serum, when applied to the skin this serum forms an invisible viscoelastic film similar to the way it holds water naturally in the intercellular matrix of dermal connective tissue. Its amazing absorption of water and the ability to keep it allows the skin to become supple, firm and elastic, and of course noticeably deeply hydrated.

Over time damaging environmental factors and ageing decrease its volume in our skin and consequently the ability to attract and maintain moisture, The skin then becomes dry and unattractive and begins to wrinkle and sag.

Sodium Hyaluronate which is the only ingredient, is the sodium salt of the well known and famous Hyaluronic Acid. Its function is to cushion, lubricate and intensely hydrate skin including joints.

Suitable for all skin types.

Apply to skin that is perfectly cleansed and dried, particularly around the eyes, morning and night until fully absorbed.

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